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How To Inspect Your Oil

Inspecting your oil is essential to keep your engine running smoothly. The oil in your car keeps your engine lubricated, so the many moving components keep running efficiently. Oil also reduces wear and tear on your engine. If your oil isn’t in good shape, it can damage your engine. In today’s blog post, we’ll share tips on how to inspect your oil.

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locating the dipstick

Locating the Dipstick

The first thing you need to do to inspect your oil is to locate the oil dipstick. Make sure your engine is cold. You should never check your oil when the engine is hot. Open your hood and prop it up so you can locate the oil dipstick. In most cars, the oil dipstick is located near the front or center of the engine. They typically, not always, have a yellow handle.

examining the oil level

Examine the Oil Level

Once you’ve located the dipstick, pull it out and wipe it clean with a towel. Then, re-insert the dipstick and pull it out again. There are two marks on the dipstick that indicate the “low” and “full” levels. Your oil level should show between these lines. If the oil you see is close to the low mark, you need to add more oil to your engine.

examining the color of oil

Examine the Color of the Oil

It’s also important to examine the color of your oil. If your oil appears brown or black, it’s in good shape. But, if the oil is lighter in color, you could have an oil leak. And if you see any grittiness in the oil, your engine may be damaged. If you are concerned about the color of your oil, give us a call at Mobile Oil Business!

adding oil to the engine

Adding Oil to the Engine

If your dipstick shows a low oil level, you will need to add oil. Make sure you add the correct grade of oil recommended in your owner’s manual. Begin by removing the oil filler cap. Then, use a funnel to pour oil directly into the hole. Re-check the oil level using your dipstick. If it still indicates a low level, continue adding more oil. Replace the oil cap, clean off any oil that may have spilled onto the engine, and close the hood.

Inspecting your oil to make sure it’s in good shape is critical to keeping your engine running smoothly. If you have any questions about the condition of your oil, give us a call today! The team here at Mobile Oil Business is here to help. We can come to you anywhere in Reno!

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