4 Tips for a Successful Oil Change

In the long run, every vehicle requires some maintenance. Changing its oil at the right time makes a big difference in its performance. But sometimes, you get too busy with work or family and you don’t have time to go out for an oil change. That’s why we bring oil change to you here at Mobile Oil Business in Reno. Here are four excellent tips that will help you in oil changing and maintaining your automobile:

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Where to Start Your Oil Change:

Start by educating yourself about your vehicle’s maintenance by reading through its manual. You need to know what type of oil is required and what kind of oil weight you should be using.

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What You Need:

First, you need a clean, flat, smooth surface area to start your work as it’s easy to clean and safe to work on. For your safety, it’s better to wear protective gear such as rubber gloves and clean hand towels. We also recommend using an old shower curtain to protect your driveway from nasty spills. Tools you might need include an oil filter, a drain pan, wrenches, a funnel, floor jacks, and safety stands.

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Warm Up the Car and Grab Your Tools:

If you are just starting your car, it’s better to warm up your engine for 2 minutes before changing its oil, as oil flows more freely when it’s warm. However, if you have just been driving it, it’s better to let it cool down to ensure the oil doesn’t burn you.

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Seal Your Filter:

Once you have changed the oil filter with the help of a drain pan and wrenches, it’s best to let your new oil filter dry. Wet filters end up with poor seals, loose-fittings, and leakage. Now, it’s time to use an affecting funnel and slowly pour oil into your engine while doing your best to avoid air bubbles. After pouring the oil, make sure you check it with a dipstick to know the exact level.

These tips will help you get the most out of your oil change. But, in this day and age, you might want to spend that time with your family and friends. If so, you can trust Reno-based Mobile Oil Business to come to you. We’ll take care of your vehicle the same way you want to take care of your family.

Call us today and book an appointment because it’s here, where oil comes to you!